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What Is SupportTXT?

A fully customized communication space that is fully controlled by you and your members. The platform is uniquely designed to share exclusive content with supporters and empower them to participate in activities and decisions of your organization. SupportTXT helps to create stronger bonds with your members, grow your membership base and open up funding opportunities for community projects.
About Us

Product Features

SupportTXT offers an array of features that allow charities and related organizations to establish direct connections with their members.

Member Zone

A unique and moderated space for members to interact with the organization and with each other to create a community of like-minded supporters.


Make your members feel involved with your cause by sharing videos, interviews, documentaries or clips from aid workers.


Using input from your local aid communities you can produce and share interesting and engaging podcasts.


Instantly update your members with a text message straight to their phone whenever you have something special to announce.


Publish photos of your projects, relief efforts or events and share meaningful moments with your members.


Get to know your supporters better and receive their ideas and feedback in real-time with the polls function.

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The Platform of Firsts

SupportTXT is an adaptable content platform that enables real-time interaction with members, fostering a genuine sense of community and inclusivity.
With the ability to create subgroups and share user-generated content, SupportTXT ensures members can enjoy a more personalized platform. Additionally, valuable data can be collected to customize content for specific member segments whilst also generating fundraising for your organization.

Members First

Move beyond generic social media posts and bring your organization's members to the forefront. By using the designated Member Zone, your members will be the first to know, do, and benefit from everything your organization has to offer. More importantly, members can share their own ideas and learnings with each other in either public or private subgroups.

Safety First

Data protection is the utmost priority to us. We have taken all the necessary security measures to protect data and ensure data confidentiality. Our team will tailor the platform to the specific requirements of your organization and respond to any risks in case of an emergency. Additionally, we provide around-the-clock content monitoring to safeguard the reputation of organizations and ensure the safety of all users.

Data First

SupportTXT comes with a personal dashboard offering valuable information on how your members are using the platform and other essential data. By leveraging this information, you can make informed business decisions, such as scheduling events at the optimal time or adjusting your content strategy. With full ownership of the data, you can ensure that your organization remains relevant and serves your members in the best possible way.

Value First

SupportTXT is designed to increase value for your organization and your members. The platform offers flexibility in feature selection, costs and member engagement. Specific requirements will be discussed with the aim to maximize the impact of your organization.

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