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What Is SupportTXT?

The engagement platform for the community is a place where members can come to learn, grow, and connect with each other. The content on the platform should be engaging, informative, and relevant to the interests of the community members.
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The First-of-its-kind Platform

The goal of first-of-its-kind platform content is to help users understand and use the new platform, as well as to attract new users and build a community around the platform.

Member Zone

A moderated platform where you can share content and get involved.


A video collaboration platform for sharing exclusive video content.


Podcasting platform right at the palm of your hand. right at the palm of your hand.


Instant messaging platform to personalize and send directly to your members’ phones.


A photo-sharing platform capturing the highlights of your projects.


Polling platform for real-time surveys and other kinds of feedback.
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The First-of-its-kind Platform

By creating first-of-its-kind platform content, you can help users understand and use your platform, as well as attract new users and build a community around your platform.

Members First

It's time to move beyond generic social media posts and bring your organization's members to the forefront. With SupportTXT, your members can spread their cause, share stories, and organize activities for charity, all within one platform.

By using the designated Member Zone, your members can showcase their experiences and connect with each other in either public or private subgroups. They can share videos, images, messages, and audio recordings that highlight their care towards others and their passion and dedication to your organization, thus building a sense of community and fostering a new and exciting way of bringing your members together.

With SupportTXT, your members can be the first to know, do, and benefit from everything your organization has to offer. It's the ideal choice for organizations seeking to engage with their members in a more personalized and meaningful way.

Safety First

With SupportTXT, organizations and charities can enjoy around-the-clock protection through real-time monitoring and content analysis. Powered by a blend of human expertise and AI technology, we are dedicated to safeguarding the reputation of organizations and ensuring the safety of all users.

Rest assured that all user-generated content is of high quality and safety with SupportTXT.

Data First

As an organization, it's crucial to have the necessary insights to make informed decisions regarding your members and how to serve them best. This is where the SupportTXT platform comes in, enabling you to have complete control over your data and utilize it to your advantage.

The personal dashboard provided with SupportTXT offers valuable information on how your members are using the platform, who they are, and other essential data. By leveraging this information, you can make informed business decisions, such as scheduling events at the optimal time or understanding your members' preferences.

With full ownership of your data, you can ensure that your organization remains relevant and serves your members in the best possible way. SupportTXT empowers you with the tools and insights you need to optimize your organization's offerings and keep your members engaged.

Value First

With just a few minor adjustments in your content presentation, you'll be surprised by the substantial profit boost that you can achieve. With SupportTXT, you have the flexibility to set your own prices for your content, and with the help of sponsors, you can further enhance its value.

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